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John Brennan and his company (VIP Autographs, LLC) has have served thousands of private customers and many premiere auction houses, charity foundations, restaurants and business establishments seeking memorabilia for decor, investors, fans, passionate life-long autograph collectors, and even other top dealers and autograph stores and respected retailers.

John Brennan's collecting story goes like this...

"We were this very small group of die-hard fans in the early 1980's. We were in our early teens and we had this desire to meet our celebrity heroes to get their autograph and take pictures with them. Through tremendous hard work and with a relentless pursuit of acquiring information our journey began. We would go to concert venues, radio & TV stations, hotels, recording studios, charity events, premieres, and more waiting, sometimes for hours on end to meet these legends. This turned into our lifelong obsession and our legacy was born. We started out as autograph collectors and only collected what we would get signed in person. We accumulated many signatures from each celebrity, on photos, albums, guitars and more. Now we decided to start selling some of these autographs to the many fans who were not able to get this access that we had acquired and the worldwide celebrity autograph phenomenon was born. We were the very first! Now together in our 4th decade bringing you only the highest quality authentic signed memorabilia backed by our undisputed reputation."

Company owner John Brennan with Kurt Cobain

All autographs come with our VIP certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the item to be authentic, genuine and original for life and that it was signed in-person by the celebrity directly for us. We are both collectors and sellers of autographs; now in our 4th decade and highly regarded at the very top of the autograph business and hobby. We guarantee every item we sell to pass PSA/DNA or any other reputable third party authentication service.

Please keep checking back as over the next coming weeks we will be adding some of the most amazing signed pieces of memorabilia from our own personal collection, many of which has not been seen on the market for decades. If there is anything you are specifically looking for, please feel free to e-mail us any time via our Contact Us button.

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